ID Cards

Selecting the Right Membership ID Card for Your Laser Printer

Western Business Forms and Systems can provide plastic laser-printable cards for almost any model and speed of laser printer. Whether you are printing on-demand or looking for a print-to-mail solution, the Western Business Forms and Systems patented family of cards will provide you the quality of imaging you want for your Membership ID card program.


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LaserWell Samples

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LaserWell ID Cards

The patented LaserWell construction affixes a unique toner receptive card to a laser compatible document. These documents can be fed manually as single sheets or from your printer's paper tray.

LaserWell - printable ID Cards
LaserWell - membership card

Features & Benefits

Feature: High technology document design.
Benefit: LaserWell documents process smoothly in your desktop laser printer. Smooth feeding yields higher printer output, productivity and operator morale.

Feature: Proprietary toner receptive coating.
Benefit: LaserWell Card coatings aggressively bond toner for a sharp durable image. Improve your image by improving the image of your membership identification card.

Feature: Durable card material.
Benefit: LaserWell card material is heat, tear, and water resistant. Durable cards last longer and require less frequent reprocessing and replacement.

Feature: Trim line card design.
Benefit: LaserWell cards are thinner allowing the cardholder to easily carry the card making it readily available when needed. Easy use improves usage frequency and simplifies access to cardholder.

Feature: Single sheet format.
Benefit: LaserWell documents will process as single sheets on demand or batch process from the paper tray. Processing flexibility equals higher productivity and lower usage costs.

Feature: Writable card surface.
Benefit: LaserWell cards readily accept variable data written with a ball-point pen. Cardholder signatures are a snap with LaserWell cards.

LaserWell Plus ID Cards

Cut Sheet High Volume

LaserWell Plus membership identification cards are available for imaging on high speed laser printing and publishing systems that are manually fed.  Qualified printers image at speeds of 50 to 180 pages per minute. Designed for high volume imaging applications.

LaserWell - Sheet fed

LaserWell Plus Continuous High Volume

LaserWell Plus membership identification cards are available for imaging on high speed continuous laser printing and publishing systems. For orders over 100M, two wide carrier may improve laser imaging efficiency and reduce manufacturing setup and affixing charges.  LaserWell Plus for continuous printers is available in a variety of form sizes to meet your needs.