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Health Insurance Forms

Continuous and Laser styles – CMS-1500 Claim, UB-92 Hospital, ADA Dental Forms, Home Health medical claim forms

Health Insurance Claim Forms

Western Business Forms & Systems provides a complete range of insurance claim forms that are approved and current. Click the Purchase Insurance Forms link to review and purchase your medical forms for immediate delivery.

Remember Envelopes – Depending on the number of claim forms you mail, you can choose either a small right window envelope or 12 1/2″ x 9″ large claim form envelope. Add them to your order when selecting the medical forms you require.

View the most popular form samples (click the link above for complete list):

CMS-1500 Claim Form Revised (02/12)

UB-92 Hospital Claim Form (Revised)

ADA Dental Claim (2004 Version)

  • National Uniform Claim Committee approved version.
  • Accommodates the National Provider Identifier
  • (NPI) number.
  • Available in Snap-A-Part, Continuous and Laser.
  • Printed in OCR-scannable red ink.